Title: International Ski Dancing Association  

"...the growth of the International Ski Dancing Association is evidence that the Malfetti's dream of an Olympic future for the sport is not that farfetched." Sean Mulready, Outside Magazine, Dec. '97


About the ISDA



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The Founders

The Skis

In 1992 Cheryl and Charles Malfetti realized the need to expose the new sport of Ski Dancing to the world. They established and registered the United States Ski Dancing Association as a non-profit group dedicated to expanding and sharing this creative art form. The name has since changed to the International Ski Dancing Association to reflect the growing number of members outside of the U.S.

The ISDA has over two hundred members in the U.S. alone, with even more members hailing from Canada, Great Britain, and Japan. Cheryl and Charlie pose on a mountain top

Plans for the future include instructional clinics and exhibitions to get more people involved in the sport. At present, Gauer Blades are the official ski of the ISDA and can be purchased through the association for $350.

Skiers, snowboarders and skaters are all finding Ski Dancing a great change of pace from traditional downhill skiing. The sport is easy to learn and most participants can accomplish a "clean 360" on their first day.The kids are doing jumps and bumps and the adults are gliding effortlessly with no stress on their knees and no cumbersome poles to carry.